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Every woman should buy this book for all the men in their lives. Husbands, fathers, brothers, friends, it does not matter, just go out and do it right now. They will thank you for it. Militant Nice Guy is the gift that keeps on giving. 


Monica Gonzalez,



Terrance Terry is a nice guy expert, culture critic, and author of the book: Militant Nice Guy: Using Your Nice Guy Tendencies to Your Advantage.

Before becoming an authority on nice guys, Terrance Terry was a marketing and advertising expert. He spent 12-years working with Clear Channel Radio and also consulted for Media Made Simple, an Austin, Texas based advertising firm.

Who is Terrance Terry?

Why do you not like to be called a nice guy?

Is this because you believe that being a nice guy is a bad thing?

Why do you feel this way about yourself?

Why do you not believe in yourself as a nice guy?

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Who would have ever thought that I would have this much fun being a nice guy! Thank you for writing this book Terrance, Militant Nice Guy is something every nice guy can use to help him to be the best nice guy he can be.  


Greg Rolando,

Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast

There are literally thousands of self-help books, dating coaches, websites, pick-up artists, and advice columns and blogs trying to help nice guys be better with women.

However, there is nothing that prevents a nice guy from watching woman after woman run off with a jerk who will treat her horribly.  The question remains: why?